Cloud Services

o74.it cloud services are the equivalent of a real physical data center. You can define network, virtual machines and storage exactly the same way as you would in the physical world.

Terminal Services

o74.it terminal services provide the ability to host multiple, simultaneous client sessions on a single server instance. Standard desktop applications do not need modification to run on the terminal server.

Wifi Services

o74.it wireless services provides the fastest high speed Internet available with the flexibility of wireless Internet in selected locations at reasonable prices.

Rock Scissors Paper

The famouse game Rock Scissors Paper has many origins all over the world, even if played with different hans signs. Scissors are the newest sign, but there are rumors there was a blade instead of before. At it is not simply a game of random chance, you need to develop advanced strategies and some people are known to finalize their hand figure at the momement the opponent does his.

Who wins?

Paper beats Rock, Scissors beats Paper and Rock beats Scissors.


The rock represents power, aggression, strength and nature.


The pair of Scissors represens the technology at its best. Firthermore it represenst the evil, deviousness and ingenuity too.


A sheet of paper stands for wisdom and money, a kind of passivity and stealth.

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